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a. Blank Glossary: most of pages are empty. Under the ever-growing superpower, the freedom of receiving information is constantly being interrupted without ever asking the citizens. It is created by a sophisticated content-filtering Internet system. Sensitive words (up to 2013) clearly show people’s everyday obstacles on the two searching engines: Google/Baidu. In a report about one of the most censored issues, I underlined the sensitive words and edited them into a glossary system. It shows the narratives of these“open secrets”in and out of the surveillance firewall.
b. Anatomy, Amnesia State This book is the manual for Amnesia State, which characterizes an ever-growing Internet habitat where creative energies clash with the surveillance infrastructures. It illustrates the information architecture of a control environment, which is the foundation of the fictional story world. It proposes a hierarchical system, which classify the dangerousness of information of the network into different levels. The structure of these hierarchies is intertwined with the Internet rules and regulations, and thus introduces ways to challenge, evade and trap the restrictions. It describes a transforming Internet environment - how creative energies can push forward reforms for the common goodness.
c. Sensitive words archive The archive is a design experiment, which freezes a fast-growing surveillance database. It creates an unique reader-experience that manifests a conflicted climate in the intense opinion fields. The book starts mainly from the hieroglyphic Chinese language(Chinese, 汉字), which creates a great deal of possibilities for unlimited semiosis. For example, one word could be correlated to another via ways of antonomasia, homonym, metonymy, synonym, etc. with some senses of irony. The saurus massively generates a real-time library reflecting the current issues happening in the outer world, for example, there are terms for political/religious forms, movements, manifestos, real and fake names, obscene slangs, etc. The technics in digital printing and material-use, which binds transparent sheets and papers together, are also applied in the archive. The coherent relationship between the transparent and normal paper, shows a sense of fuzziness and illusion in texts and images. Readers can only take a guess about the contents, or make efforts to play and flip around the pages, in order to see it precisely.