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Robotic Drawing Apparatus The robotic drawing mini-cars are programmed upon a basic neuro - transmissive network system, in which data could pass from one grade to the next. Robots are guided by a set of designed algorithms to learn from a pool of database. In order to have less logics on the robotic operations, a sense of randomness is implanted into the system. Every movement of the mini- car is a small learning process from a random number, to compose each dot and line of an abstract image. These experiments are exploring the notions of science and art making, machine learning and craftsmanship. Google has already built up an open-source platform for art and culture, empowering machines to manipulate cultural data for users to get easy access to. When machines are able to create efficiency and beauty, what would be the role of an artist? If so, who then would be the author of these art works? This apparatus creates a new form of visual patterns, based on the coding texts stored in the micro-chip. It is the relationship between a text file and movements that make the drawing happen in a short-period of time. Technology has fundamentally changed the nature of art making - is this movement going to challenge the conventional, and are there still any places for the dignity of human intelligence when A.I. invades into the art zone?