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Film Synopsis: The younger brother was diagnosed as having incurable disease. The older sister took him from one city to another, eventually found a doctor who told them it could at 85% be cured but demands a great amount of fortune - it’s claimed to be a fraud later on. The sister was going to purchase a flat with her fiancé, but this capital could help her brother. They desire to live, while facing a fuzzy chance to death. These two spirits unwittingly have been drowned into a stream of illusive experiments.
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The narrative of this film is in fragments - a mental state shaped by the abstractions of realistic issues. It is constructed by images of cacophony, delivering a composition of heterogeneous languages visually and linguistically. The film is a congregation made up of different mediums, intertwined with several art forms including contemporary dance, traditional opera and poetry. These several mediums have their own parallel time-speed-space storyline, with internal correlations among each other. The performances characterize a series of human conditions and sufferings, which are related to capitalism’s power structures, constructed by mass media, technology governance and ethics. Coincidence plays as an important element in the film to explore human desires, realness and truths.
Screenplay: Ye Jiatang, Luo Yaolan; Executive Producer: Luo Jiali, Luo Yaolan; Director of photography: Ye Jiatang; Luo Yaolan; Cinematography: Ye Jiatang, Kang Jun;
Assistance: Li Junying;
Art Director: Luo Yaolan; Lighting: Hou Aihua; Leading Performer:
Yan Ni, Ye Ziyang; Supporting Performer: Liang Hongrui, Zhang Peiyan, Tan Wanling, Li Qihuan;
Opera actor: Gai shiying, Xiao Shunyi;