*** Lost and Found in the Sights
裂焦 -
Independent Curating Project Supported:
0/ (CHULING) Collective
Yaolanluo Projects
The Youth Entrepreneur Association of Shunde (SDYEA)
Qingjun Association, SDYEA
ZINITANG Creative Assets Management Limited Location:
Zinitang Creative Center: (previous) Zini Sugar Factory, the capital of planned economy in Southern China
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Step forward (The Bachelor Girl); Copper (left middle) YU Youhan
The Life of Mao; Printmaking (middle) CHAN Chiao Chun
Untitled; Installation, Mixed materials (right on the edge) **
Preface “Lost and Found in the Sights” combines a wide range of courses, methods and outcomes of inter-medium practices by artists from both China and overseas. As the title implies, our interests fall into the following aspects: How do these artists build their particular logics and overviews, designing the visual games of their emotional feelings to their full extent? How do these individuals and their works break towards heterogeneity from their respective contexts? And finally, in what ways and positions do feelings that are either caused by grand narrative or devised by technical patterns stand today? The practices and outcomes in this exhibition are trans-era, trans-territory and trans-media. Artworks are arranged and placed in a poetic structure, and the inter-connectivity among them is plausible and intangible. The exhibition touches upon contemporary subjects including digital capitalism, overload information, genetic engineering, gender and politics, which builds up conversations between local, historical contexts and the emerging forms of arts. Participating artists include sculptor PAN He from Lingnan region, contemporary artist YU Youhan from Shanghai, French Russian digital artist Olga KISSELEVA, photographer YANG Zanmin, young artists and art groups whom are actively working in China and West Europe : CHAN Chiao Chun, Lisa (Elizabeth) BARDIN, YE Jiatang, XU Sheng, XIAO Zhiren, Théophile BLANDET, LV Jieyi, LIU Zejing, LIANG Siting, Li Yushi, and HUANG Yong.
CHAN Chiao Chun
365 days of Portraits; Pigments and mixed materials on paper
Théophile BLANDET, Thomas Ballouhey Fountain of money; Aluminum, digital and electronic devices
LIANG Siting
Secret No.60; Oil Painting (right) XIAO Zhiren
A female donor in Dunhuang-Mogao Cave 329 (Copy of Stimulation); Mineral pigments (left)
CHAN Chiao Chun
Untitled; Installation, Mixed materials
YE Jiatang Reconstruction "Humanism in Shunde"; Photography Installation
XIAO Zhiren
A man can do no more than he can; Mineral pigments on canvas
XU Sheng Low-land; Granite Lisa (Elisabeth) BARDIN
Body Practices in Pearl River Delta; Video Installation
Olga KISSELEVA Eden; Short Documentary, Video Installation, Installation (mixed materials)
LIU Zejing Punch; Video Installation
Napkin Dance; Video Installatio
LI Yushi My Tinder Boys:Ben,25; Chromogenic print (left)
I am a woman, so I must receive; Chromogenic print (right)
The Subtle Fragrance; Pigments on paper
LV Jieyi
Conversations; Installation, mixed materials
Revert·Transition - Sunday and bricks (Craftsmen: PAN Peisen, Pan Zhijiang; Artists: CHAN Chiao Chun, Théophile BLANDET, Thomas Ballouhey); Installation, bamboo, textile *